Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-based Workshops

This book published by Pfeiffer of John Wiley & Sons in 2010 has been used all over the world by leaders, trainers, consultants in businesses, corporations and NGOs.  The book provides an overview of the  change methodology Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology. It includes 21 workshops ready for prime time deliver which empower participants to do their best work. When you give full voice to people, be willing to step back and allow passion, leadership, joy and productivity to flourish.  This book facilitates such opportunities.

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This is an amazing book for two huge reasons. First, it offers easy-to-follow do-able exercises that can be applied in almost any venue (government, commercial, non-profit, church, volunteer groups, large conferences and break-out groups, etc.). Second, it does a wonderful job of contextualizing these in the history and the ethos of appreciative inquiry. It's a well grounded and deeply centered book without being unnecessarily complicated. I'm sure a skillful internal trainer or external consultant could generate many creative and inspiring applications using these exercises. This book is a “must have” for any professional library on organizational growth, development and change.

I bought this book as I was planning to run a workshop for Performance Coaches, who needed to move on to the next step in coaching – it had only just been published so was very near the limit on my timelines for putting together the workshop. I have to say I bought other books to look at putting together the workshop, however I found them confusing and far too heavy for my needs.

This book is a delight – I read through it and it is clear and easy to follow – it is obvious that Robyn believes wholeheartedly in what she has written about but it is clear and non-sentimental – a beautiful book which enabled me to put together a workshop based on strength based coaching – unfortunately due to time restraints imposed on me by the client I had to cut the timings down, which was not ideal but still feasible.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyway either going into Appreciative Inquiry for the first time, which I was, or for those who are more experienced. I will certainly use it again. Thanks very much Robyn.

A really interesting and useful book that will appeal to a wide audience. It is a very accessible book and I commend Robyn for making the content engaging but straightforward. She obviously didn't feel the need to bamboozle anyone with too much detail or academic text, simply to bolster her own credentials. The (complimentary) areas of AI and Positive Psychology are such important ingredients in helping us to face many of the challenges in the world today, that they must be available to the masses and not a select few. Robyn's book, and her encouragement to share the workshops within, demonstrate her passion to spread this as wide as possible to make a positive difference in the world e.g. this book appears to be a labour of love rather than a way to make money (which, by the way, I hope she does).

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