Playful Co-creation – Creative Collaboration

RS_2010_08_21_3488-e1282511697562Creative Collaboration

A highlight from our Broaden and Build session at the Positive Change Conference.

We provided the experience of connecting to our creativity that flows from play, a joyful, fun state.

After a series of playful warm-ups, including introducing the word
EUNOIA, the shortest word in the English language containing all five
vowels and which means BEAUTIFUL THINKING, we asked each table group to:

Describe the ocean without using the letter “e” within 10 minutes.

Please enjoy their collaborative creations.

It is a cool body of liquid that flows
and is soothing, and
has a fabulous sound.
Many humans want to play in this amazing big bath.

Surf and sun,
rolling foam and coastal swimming and sailing,
kids laughing and running across sands,
sunburnt arms
and happy dogs barking.

I swam through a vista of warm, wavy liquid
and it was salty without stinging.
I was happy to swim fast
and playfully again and again
amongst fish plants and rocks.

I saw sand and coral with tiny barbs.I saw swimming schools of fish and dolphins and octopus and a squid jump in, and join us now.

I can float on H2O,
got sand on my body,
wind in my hair,
salt on my lips,
gulls calling,
soars my soul.

I can swim on constant highs and lows
all day if I wish.
Foamy swim in foamy light cozy bouncing liquid.
Dolphins jump high towards sky.
Whales roll and sing.
Shrimp slink across a murky bottom.

Today I saw a big soft salty fluid opportunity for joy
with sand, sun and fun,
and fish, wind, surf
and play turns into a good day for all,
Too much sun, not much fun though!

Bill was surfing on a balmy day,
slipping through glassy liquid,
sun on his back,
wind driving him on.
Shark says ‘tasty!”