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Welcome to Season 2

Season 2 addresses a significant topic of our times, finding and using our individual and collective appreciative voice.

What excites and inspires us particularly about Season 2 is that we introduce seven literacies for living and leading in these times. The literacies are grounded in the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). They provide us a brand new way to find and increase our choices every moment of every day to help us lift up and use our appreciative voice. The literacies provide a pathway to develop new habits of voice thereby raising and elevating our appreciative voice in ways that strengthen our positive agency.


Season 2 cohost Robyn Strattton-BerkesselSeason 2 is co-hosted by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel and Sallie Lee, both seasoned Appreciative Inquiry practitioners, consultants, trainers, authors, and speakers.

We’ve become fascinated by the idea of Appreciative Voice — how the AI principles come alive in our daily conversations and challenges.  In each show we’ll explore the specific literacies for living and leading today.  Season 2 cohost Sallie LeeThese literacies, which go beyond skills and competencies, are based on the theory and practices of Appreciative Inquiry – the transformational change methodology that is changing the world through conversation and inquiry.

Defining Literacies for Living and Leading

In each episode, we’ll define one literacy: we’ll focus on how it’s relevant and important to finding and using our appreciative voice; we’ll link it to the AI principles that are being lived out in each literacy; how we make sense of the literacy, and we’ll tell stories of how the specific literacy makes a difference and explore ways to apply them every day, so they become embedded in your thought-action repertoire and you can access them whenever you need them.

The Appreciative Voice Literacies Guide

Seven Literacies to living and leading in these times

The 7 Literacies of Appreciative Voice

A summary and infographics of all the literacies, offering a definition, a description and daily practices to amplify your appreciative voice, plus the articles and podcast episodes to explain each.

Community Interest

There’s been a lot of interest among our AI community – from practitioners, trainers, students, researchers and academics, and people who work every day in organizations, government agencies and who, at the same time nurture families and educate children,  on how to live the AI principles every day with increased grace and ease.

We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.  We are excited to be able to share with you,  our global community what we’ve been co-creating, and in doing so we hope you will participate in this very important conversation about what is possible when you intentionally develop and strengthen your appreciative voice, increase your choice, and adopt new literacies for living and leading in our times

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