Image Inspires Action – Anticipatory Principle

Image inspires action

A few years ago I was told I had maybe a year to live and my treating doctor prescribed certain procedures and medications, all of which I did not want to participate in.

As someone who likes to question the status quo,  I made my own inquiries and conducted research, looking for alternatives.  However, with increasing, albeit loving, pressure from family and heathcare professionals I was strongly urged to capitulate and do what the doctor prescribed.

So decision day came, and with my husband, I met with the doctor.  I asked very directly:  “So, if I do as you prescribe and go through all of this, what will my life be like in 5 years?”

The doctor looked at me as if I were a crazy woman. He replied in the most spontaneous, genuine, almost naive, incredulous, flabbergasted way, “Well, I expect you will be leading a full, active life, just as you are now.”

I laughed out loud.  I did not expect such a positive and convincing response.

I was immediately shifted out of my state of suspicious distrust and negativity to one of hope and possibility. By his very response, I could see a future.  He gave me a vision of my life in five years in a way that I could connect and relate to.

“Okay!” I said in an upbeat way.  “I'm yours.”

I surrendered.  It was simple. I was committed.

From that moment on, I shifted my entire being to one of getting well and never bemoaned any part of it.  Throughout the months of treatment, I looked upon all my caregivers, professional and personal, as the most supportive, positive contributors who were there with love to ensure my future health and wellness.  It was a time of great personal strengthening.

This is the Anticipatory Principle: Image inspires action

The Principle enacted in this story is that image leads to action. And is this particular story it was the anticipation, the positive image leading to positive action. This principle reminds us that, when we envision a positive future, we are more likely to act positively and live ourselves into that positive future.