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How Positive Intention Shapes Your Reality – PS052

Episode Overview

When I asked my guests, Jennifer Kramer and Tim Ray what they would be excited to talk about on my show, this is what they said; “How we have the ability to create our own reality and the science behind it; and how we can ignite our passions and create our futures through the power of positive intention.”

It’s a fun conversation with a focus on the contributions Ray and Jennifer are making to individuals, young students, and businesses and their employees through their foundation, United Intentions.

Episode Introduction

Positive IntentionTim Ray founded United Intentions Foundation in 2009.  He began his career as an entrepreneur in the senior care industry. Throughout his career, he learned about the mind-body connection as a key to health. Even with that understanding, Tim found the hardest work by far, was keeping a positive, powerful focus on how he intended to live in the present moment. With little time and a world full of distractions, he needed simple and effective ways to direct his thoughts in the midst of everyday struggle.  Therefore, he put his energy to finding ways to integrate philosphy, science and practices that have come together as United Intentions.

“My definition of living life intentionally is living in the present moment with your thoughts. Once you’re conscious of what you are thinking, you’re able to be conscious of what you are creating”-Tim Ray.

Jennifer Kramer, who fulfills many functions at United Intention comes from a seventeen year background in Positive Intentionathletic and educational administration, fundraising, marketing, development, website management, event planning, coaching and teaching.  She has a true passion for helping others and continually learning and growing as a person which fits perfectly with the mission of  United Intentions. To quote Jennifer:

“I believe there is good intentions in all of us and I always try to look at the positive side of every situation. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the UIF team, helping teach and spread the mission that we all can change our realities, one positive intention at a time.”

Personal Growth as a Catalyst

The origins of his foundation, United Intentions came out of Tim's realization that he needed to “heal himself” – shed himself of a life long accumulation of negative thoughts that were having an unhealthy impact in his life.   Feeling very burnt out professionally, running his own business in senior care, he found the courage to unplug and proactively find a better way.

Jennifer also reached a time in her life where a change was required because of health issues and her demanding professional life.  Jennifer believes in Tim's vision and the mission of the company, and is driven by her own practice of serving others to  help them be more positive in their lives.

Positive Intention

The Foundation, United Intentions is a platform that enables people who are seeking to bring greater wellness, wholeness and positivity into their lives and their relationships.   Tim and Jennifer are developing ways to connect people who want to be supported and support others in raising their positive frequency and have more have more positive interactions and experiences in their lives at home and at work.

Tim has put together a team of experienced, talented, and passionate professionals dedicated to assisting others in reaching their higher intentions through empowered thinking.  Tim is now sharing his experiences with others with this growing free online community resource at unitedintentions.org.

He set out to find a way to connect with people who supported each other in raising their frequency and have more positive interactions and experiences in their lives.  He began to create a system on the internet to find others who shared his need for more positive intention in their life.   United Intentions website offers a host resources – tools, courses, movies, meditations, chat spaces, webinars, the Good Intentions Radio Show and so much more.

Individuals, Businesses and Education

While positive intention starts with the individual, the Foundation has programs that go beyond the individual.  There are programs to create intentional businesses and across the whole educational spectrum.  There are a range of very well thought-out and designed programs that help people  ignite their passions and create their futures through the power of intentions.

The power of positive intention turns challenges into opportunities, and build success through resilience.

Check out United Intentions website for all the great resources there.  Start your journey to increase your positive frequency.

Tips to Create Positive Intention

Listen in to hear Tim and Jennifer offer many, many tips that will help you immediately  become more intentional in your life and thereby increase your positive frequency.

  • Slow down and pay attention to what your thoughts are creating.
  • What is your self talk? We all sabotage ourselves through our self talk, as the more powerful subconscious mind overrides our conscious mind.
  • When we seek to be more conscious of what our subconscious is saying, we start to do the good work of aligning thoughts in order to manifest our intentions.
  • We can adapt to our environment and change our thoughts, which in turn changes our reality.
  • In business, it's about positively aligning the business mission with the intentions of employees.
  • In schools, the Imaginative Program teaches kids the basics of power of intention,  yet the language is more accessible for the different age groups.  For example, it's about reaching goals rather than setting intentions.
  • United Intentions 5 Step Process is a system that helps you build resilience through repetition or practice, set an expectation and then attach the resourceful meaning to it.
  • It's in community (and virtual community counts) where people are able to co-create purpose and meaning together.

There are so many more resources to tap into that can change your life.

Lasting Thoughts

Tim and Jennifer share excellent real life examples during our conversation.  The overarching message is that our thoughts create our reality and that is the key to personal and global transformation.  Our personal empowerment comes from understanding the power of our thoughts.

Just imagine, if we were to acknowledge the co-creative nature of the world, what could happen if we raised our vibration to love, and were to stay in that vibration, what would we be co-creating?

Let us know what YOU imagine in the comment section below, and we'll share it on future episodes.

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