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Episode Overview – How Love, Passion and Joy Inspire Profits

Conscious Capitalism, Law of Attraction, writer, speaker, editor-in-chief of magazines and personal development coach, Sue Elliott  provides a plethora of ideas, tips and strategies to bring more love and joy into all areas of your life. You’ll be energized and uplifted by her insights and stories.

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Sue Elliott is Founder & Chief Joy Officer at Inspire Profits Inc. Sue is a communicator.  She’s a journalist, an editor, a publisher, an entrepreneur, a personal life and business coach, a facilitator and a really gifted human being.  She shares practical processes and simple techniques that make a profound, measurable difference in people’s work (and lives), to release blocks to excellence, joy and success.

Most businesses are about relationships. And when you improve those relationships — by improving communication, clarity and collaboration — everyone wins.  Below are some of the topics Sue and I touched on during our rich conversation.

Joy, Love, Passion

If you want to be the Joy Officer of your own life, listen in to Sue.  In her own story, she’s made sure she follows her interests, joy, and passions.  As a result, she’s been attracted to people who do the same.  There is a contagion effect from people who are excited about what they do in life. They attract other people plugged into a similar energy.  People, driven by what they love, have a relentless energy.  Sue is talking about the good passion and good energy that seeks to serve in positive, life-centric, supportive ways. When you listen to the episode, Sue had some great tips to pass on for this week's “Positivity Lens” segment.

Positivity Lens NotebookPOSITIVITY LENS for this Episode

Download Sue's suggested “positive activities” for this episode: Hint: it’s about paying attention to the signals in your body; being aware of who’s running your life in the moment and listening to your own intuitive wisdom.

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Values and Purpose

Clarity around one’s values and purpose, together with a relentless pursuit of learning and growth brings an energy into places of work that unleashes collaborations and community. Furthermore, an integration of what you love to do and you can pass onto others across disciplines enables everyone to grow.

Positive and Negative Emotions

Love and positive emotions expand us and open us up to others, widen our interest,  increasing productivity and creativity. Fear and negative emotions cause us to be singularly focussed, narrowing our perspective, increasing stress, and unleashing a hormonal cocktail that sets us off in directions that are potentially life threatening if allowed to build up over time when real threat is non-existent.

Sue teaches Law of Attraction and she cites how she can help help people shift up the emotional scale from extreme negativity on the one end to extreme positivity at the other.  This work comes from the Teachings of Abraham as told through Esther and Jerry Hicks.  (Link to book below.)


Trusting that we did the best we could with the resources we had at the time, or others did the best they could with the resources they had at the time is a way to forgive ourselves and others for past situations.  When we carry around old issues or grievances or grudges, it can compound resulting in negative energy that robs us of being able to redirect our precious energy and resources to more loving, joyful and productive means.  This is clearing work which can be freeing.


We summed up best leaders as those who

  • can reframe situations so that you move in the direction of what you are wanting to produce, or the solution that will serve all (for example, moving away from conflict to building collaborations and community)
  • live in a state of inquiry Vs having the right answers
  • invite all different perspectives to increase ownership and best solutions among all stakeholders
  • recognize and appreciate vulnerability is a power and a strength
  • self-awareness is foundational to being authentic, purposeful and values-driven
  • are present and can choose who to be in the moment

Conscious Capitalism

Conscious Capitalism is a business-transforming movement launched by Whole Foods co-founder John Mackey and Kip Tindell of the Container Store.  This framework fits with Sue’s own value set and modus operandi.  Businesses that engage in Conscious Capitalism out-perform “unconscious” companies on pretty much every level, including employee engagement, productivity, profitability and financial strength.


There are many forms of media. The news media tends to focus on news that feeds and strengthens our negativity bias. On the other hand, the enthusiast media focuses more on positive situation that do more good than harm.  Magazines such as hobbyist, envirnomental and self-help magazines provide ideas and strategies to help us grow, restore the environment to its natural state and serve to help people find better ways. We can potentially touch tens of thousands of people in the course of our lifetime, therefore, we have huge opportunity to make a positive difference to so many people.

Big Aspirational Topic

In closing, Sue mentioned an initiative she is involved in with a former Positivity Strategist guest Johann Gauthier and Bill Jensen called Great Workplace Declaration.  Get a sneak preview and be ready to participate in this global movement to contribute to increasing positivity in our places of work.

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