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participate in energizing ways of living and working


How energized and inspired are all members of your workplace to deliver on your mission?  How are all the organizational strengths valued?  What kind of culture are you co-creating?


How confidently are you living up to your purpose in this world?  How fully aware are you of all your talents and strengths?  Are they supporting, nurturing and sustaining you in your service of others?


What's the story your organization tells itself?  How does change happen in your organization?  How involved are all employees in taking responsibility for the things that matter?  How is leadership practiced?

Resources To Help You Live Your Best Life

Some resources that may support you and your mission in life.

Positivity Strategist – Areas of Expertise

Areas where you might find some help to achieve your personal and professional objectives

For Non-profits

What might be a desired outcome for your organization if you were to include all relevant voices to help shape the mission and culture?

Think about what attracts people to certain kinds of organizations or communities.  Among many individual objectives, they may be inspired by the mission.  They usually want to experience a sense of belonging and contribution; they want to enjoy team spirit, or volunteer talents, skills and services to a cause; to find their own tribe; to meet new people; to learn new things.

A great way to keep a group together and meet all the diverse needs,  is to make sure every voice is heard and a sense of ownership is experienced.   We all come with our own stories and aspirations. When we seek to discover the best in people, their work, and what they offer, productivity, satisfaction and growth shows up.

Perhaps you are curious to learn about workshops or summits to discover what your community really cares about and has the capacity to co-create around a future all want to be part of.

For Individuals

We live in hugely complex times and we have so much potential to grow every single day

What we continue to learn about the brain, positive emotions and strengths are helping us to live in ways that tap into our wholeness.  As an individual, you become more conscious of how you engage with life, you notice that your relationship with yourself, with others and the world at large shifts.  You notice more about how you are investing your time and energy, and what works for you.

Knowledge of neuroscience and positivity are supporting forces that lift you up with the potential to improve your overall well-being, increase life satisfaction and find meaning.

What's intriguing you about your own future – a worthy conversation – wouldn't you agree?

For Businesses

“People support what they themselves create” has always been a guiding principle 

“People support what they themselves create” is even more desired than ever.  We live in a world where this is entirely possible. We have education levels and tools and technologies that facilitate such creativity. A sense of community, connection and contribution are what people aspire to, and if the workplace does not deliver on such outcomes, then energy takes a downward turn and productivity and moral take a dive.

It doesn't take very much to invite people to participate in sharing their ideas, their vision, and their values in creating a high energy, creative, engaged workplace.

It can start with the right questions which can lead your organization in a collaborative, participatory, empowering way toward a vision everyone wants to be part of.

Positivity Resource Guide

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What others say

Robyn is easy to work with even under pressure. She brought organization to a complex project and quickly came up to speed. Her persistence helped us make very ambitious deadlines. Robyn is an insightful coach.

We REALLY appreciate you taking the time to assist us in thinking through these questions – and I am sure we will take you up on your offer to continue to assist us.

So impressed with your talent as an interviewer and what you were able to capture. Thanks also for a tool to allow for an understanding of the “bigger picture” of the journey.

I must follow my passion that I have been ignoring for too long! Thank you so much for helping me find that passion again!

Robyn facilitated a two day board strategic planning retreat for ACC&D's board of directors. Her skill in all phases was very much appreciated: from careful listening to what we needed, to designing the process for us to achieve desired results, to a light handed, skilled facilitation that helped us reach those goals, to supporting us on outcome documents. Personally I found her generous in her time and easy to work with – a terrific partner.

Robyn is one of those unique people that can blend theory and practice to deliver real outcomes in workshops and presentations. Her deep knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry and many other tools and techniques gives her versatility and adaptability to work with the widest range of people, teams and organisations. Robyn's extensive network allows her to tap into the latest thinking and research. Robyn is a great source of positive energy and I highly recommend all her work; books, workshops and presentations

Robyn is 100% committed to achieving excellent results and to the people she works with – clients, partners and colleagues. She has tremendous capability in a variety of consulting methodologies and tools (including new technologies) and she is extremely flexible and creative in selecting what's best for the people and situation. Using her open and creative style, Robyn leads large and small groups to the heart of their goals and expertly guides them to think through and build plans to achieve the goals.

With Robyn's leadership, we co-created and co-facilitated a very successful summit. There was great joy in doing what we did.  Those who had been tentative admitted to being ‘converted’.  There was great learning and great pride.  Based on feedback and the unsolicited emails that are being circulated, the Summit over-delivered.