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Four Keys to Live Every Moment More Richly, With Achim Nowak – PS049

Episode Overview

Achim Nowak On Every MomentMy podcast guest is Achim Nowak.  This is an especially special show for me as I’m welcoming Achim Nowak for the second time.  I was a year ago when Achim and I enjoyed a flow state together as one of the topics we talked about was the book that he was writing at that time.  Well that book was recently published.  It’s called “The Moment, A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World.” It’s published by Career Press in NJ.  Our conversation in this episode focuses on golden nuggets in “The Moment.”

Episode Introduction

But first, a brief re-introduction. Achim Nowak has two previous books (see below) and is a sought after speaker and coach, and you’ll understand why as you listen to him.  His business is Influens, an international coaching and training firm.  Achim puts his energy into helping C-level business leaders and entrepreneurs to show up with radiant presence and be more influential.

Achim draws from his own richly lived life, right from living as a young boy in many different parts of the world. He’s been an actor, a theater director in NYC, a windsurfer in Tobago, a teacher in meaningful programs related to HIV/AIDS and UNESCO peace initiatives.

Achim writes and speaks beautifully. He’s quirky, funny, and has deep, intuitive wisdom coupled with a practical bent!

Every Moment Matters

In this beautiful little book that’s so easy to read in one sitting and so easy to come back to to re-acquaint yourself with the insights and inspirations, Achim gently reminds us that every moment matters. Such awareness awakens us to the reality that moments happen, moments slip away; yet, in the moment, we know there is something special to be experienced. He invites us to experience the moment more richly and more fully.  Imagine if we didn’t just let moments slip away! What if we were to recognize and embrace the life-force of the moment?

How The Moment Transcends and Includes

Achim offers us much more than what we may have come to expect and understand from terms such as “living in the moment”, “mindfulness”, “being present”. He totally supports learning to meditate, having a beginner’s mind, and being in the flow.  And, he offers us more.  He demonstrates there’s a lightness, a joy, a freedom in co-joining memory and meaning-making to enhance, embrace and appreciate every moment.  The book is filled with sweet, touching and funny, ”wickedly playful” vignettes, many from his personal experiences.

The Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World

Borrowing from his acting training and his experience as theater director, Achim presents to us that “The space is empty.  Every moment is waiting to be born.”  From this premise, he invites us to explore the Four Keys to experience the moment more fully. These explorations are available to us at the conclusion of each of the Four Keys.  We are invited to be the designer and the practitioner of our every moment.  It’s seductive. It’s easy. And it’s life altering.

Noticing the Difference

Achim’s different and energising approach to “be present” and “in the moment” is one of taking the glorious and perhaps inglorious stimulants of the external physical world as the opportunity to be in the moment – through our senses –  rather start with “working on” our interior world – the conventional approach.  Both are valid, yet for a refreshing take on how to strengthen our capacity to be in the present moment, try the Four Keys outlined in this book.

1 Key 1  Awaken the Senses –  I can know my world more deeply; I can engage with it through all my senses and awaken my emotions.  After reading this chapter, you will want to take acting lessons. I do.

2 Key 2  Crave meaning –  There is instant meaning in addition to the kind of meaning that comes from hindsight.  Meaning includes both the deep intuition available to us in a spiritual sense, and a playful, whimsical meaning that is fun in the moment. When I crave meaning, I enhance my experience moment to moment.

3 Key 3  Wave-Ride Energy –  Energy (in the Eastern philosophical tradition)  presents itself in a number of forms – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional.  It comes to us through many channels, through other people, and many other ways, and I can chose to ride it or block it.  Life connoisseurs are those who chose to ride the energy wave, offering us both discomfort and joy.  It can be in the same, and/or different moment.

4 Key 4  Make time stand still – I experience the gift of “making time stand still” when I  find myself in the flow state, where challenge and grace are co-creators, activity is totally absorbing and time is unnoticed.  This flow state allows me to know me more deeply.

The Blink of an Eye

The German word, Augenblick, translates into English as blink of an eye.  With some knowledge of the German Language, I personally loved the significance of referring to Augenblick – the blink of an eye in the opening pages of the book.

Achim writes:

“Within the blink of an eye a moment can happen.
Within the blink of an eye we may notice.
Within the blink of an eye the world can change.
Within the blink of an eye it can all slip away.
… That’s the beauty and the terror of a moment.”

In the closing paragraphs, Achim writes:

“Moments are such a slippery and ephemeral thing. They come and go with the blink of an eye. That is their beauty and their curse.  Miss too many moments, and you miss your entire life.”



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