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What you focus on, growsYou’ve most likely heard the expression: “Be careful what you ask for!” In this episode, you’ll become aware that what you put your attention to and what you focus on WILL command your energy – your emotional energy, your thinking energy and your physical energy.  You may not always be conscious of it.  Our positivity strategy in this episode is: What you focus on grows!


Episode Show Notes

What You Focus On…

Are you aware of what you ENJOY focusing on? What do you think about A LOT? What are the pleasures and treasures you experience when you invest your energy: – your emotions, your thoughts and actions on activities and with people that matter to you that bring you happiness and meaning. Where do these activities ocurr? At home, at work, at play? All of the above? Maybe your life is so amazing that they all intermingle. And, when you experience these meaningful and totally absorbing activities, you know you’re in the zone.


You are in the flow state that is a luscious state of feeling at one with the activity. Artists – musicians, writers, photographers, painters, dancers know this experience, as do scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, athletes, students, and lovers. In fact, we all know it. It’s the great gift of being fully present and in the moment with the activity. How would it be if we could get into that zone more conscioulsy?


Dewitt Jones, a photographer and motivational speaker, formerly with the National Geographic Magazine, created a beautiful video,called Celebrate with What’s Right with the World. The entire video speaks to this topic of “What you focus on Grows” among other fabulous messages. I highlight two specific stories in Dewitt’s video that illustrate this message beautifully. When we focus on what serves us well and is energizing to us, we flourish. With more Positivity in our lives, we are likely to create a life that enables us to flourish rather than languish. This positivity Principle of ‘what you focus on grows” states that the topics or subjects we choose to put our attention to, or study, are fateful in the sense that they not only determine what we learn as we focus on them, but they actually create it – they grow it.

What we want more of

Through our Appreciative Inquiry and positivity lens , we consciously seek out that which we want more of, not less—hence what we focus on are the solutions and outcomes we wish to create. There are many examples of this principle in all walks of life, from raising children, to evaluating employee performance, to attending to health and wellness. Do we place our attention and energy on the behaviors and outcomes we want in our children, co-workers, and diet and exercise regimes in order to create that which we desire, or do we place our attention on the things we want less of? When we place sincere effort on the attributes we want to see, and can let go of those that no longer serve or support, we have greater chance of success in achieving our desired outcomes.

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