Flourishing Destinies at Global Forum

flourishing destinies - framed-tree-of-lifeLast few weeks I've been co-designing a workshop with 3 colleagues. It's an online workshop – an appreciative inquiry into the topic of “Flourishing Destinies:  Sustaining Continuity for Positive change.”  We will be facilitating this workshop virtually at the 2009 BAWB Global Forum, physically located at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH.  The Global Forum is co-convened by The Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, the United Nations Global Compact, andthe Academy of Management. So it's a pretty illustrious gathering.

The overall theme of the Global Forum is “Manage in an era of massive innovation” and our workshop's purpose is to prototype a container for massive innovation. Our container is made up of a process with web-based technologies.  Our process is Appreciative Inquiry and our web-based technologies are Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and a collaborative platform iCohere.

jb_09_05_09_29698930So through the Appreciative Inquiry process we seek to discover high peak stories of when the energy, innovation and  commitment generated in the planning process of a workshop or conference have not withered on the vine, but  continued to build after the event, spiraling into greater levels of achievement.  Through all of our shared stories and experiences of successful sustained implementation and our dreams for what such implementation could look like, we will develop a deeper understanding of how the energy and innovation created in the planning process can build after the event and spiral into ever greater levels of achievement that lead to flourishing destinies.  We will co-create insights and understanding that we can take away to apply within our own organizations and projects in order to create sustained continuity for positive change and innovation at the scale of the whole.

You are welcome to participate free by going to our site www.flourishingdestiny.org and follow the prompts.   To join the Twitter discussion, use @BAWBGlobalForumFacebook; LinkeIn