Flourishing Destinies 1- The New News Media

shutterstock_28807123-300x200So “flourishing” is forefront of my mind lately- see earlier post about our workshop at the recent 2009 BAWB Global Forum (Business as an Agent of World Benefit).  Therefore, it's not unusual that the reticular activating system (RAS) kicks in and “everything”, speaks to me of “flourishing”.  The antennae coming out of my temples are vibrating with increased frequency, picking up signals from everywhere focused on  “flourishing”.  And, I will concede, it could be my filtering system making it so.

I have reason to be excited.   Our workshop “Flourishing Destinies: sustaining continuity for positive change” received media attention and was the lead story yesterday in  Axiomnews, based in Ontaria Canada and whose mission is “to publish news, on behalf of organizations, that catalyzes meaningful contribution.

The New News Media such as Axiom News are helping to shift cultures to cultures of responsibility and positive, sustainable actions. Axiom News has “A Passion for Organizations that Make a Difference“.  From their website:

“We believe the organizations we all work for, and access goods and services through, are the best vehicle for influencing social change and for finding fulfilling, meaningful work. We are committed to our mission of helping organizations make the greatest contribution they possibly can to society, and the self-actualization of their team members.

We know that high functioning, open and dynamic social ecologies are the best environments for making this happen. As practitioners of the journalistic arts we are passionate about our Constructive Stakeholder Journalism approach as a high-yield catalyst for such environments, social contribution and the creation of meaning in work.”

With news networks like that, we will focus on growing that which we want.