Finding Your Superpower For Peak Performance, with Johann Gauthier – PS009

Finding Your Superpower For Peak Performance – Episode Overview

A conversation around shifting traditional “workplaces” into “places of work” where, through playful reinvention,  leaders connect to their true spirit, and are energized to empower others to have their voice, to be spirited, playful and thrive.


Johann GauthierJohann Gauthier is Co-CEO of Global Rockstars Community, and blogger on Nothing But Excellence (NBE). He’s a  Talent Evangelist and a Thought Leader on Global Leadership.

We are about to find out why this experienced strategic thinker with a 16-year track-record of supporting senior officials in advancing major policy and people management issues and agendas is called to found the Global Rockstars Community.  He is totally invested and in having leaders  shift from thinking about work places as places of work where play is the modus operandi, people are empowered, and communities emerge where people play and thrive.

Heed the Call

Johann had become aware that even though he was fulfilled in his professional life, he still  felt called to an even a higher purpose. It was a need to go deeper to find out who he is.  He surrendered to an inquiry about himself and what it would take for him to feel aligned with universe.

Johann clearly loves to be around people.  People make organizations successful.  He fully appreciates what you focus on grows, so he focuses on positivity and caring and nurturing.  In October  2013, he founded the Global Rockstars Community.

Achieve your peaks in life and allow others to do the same

Johann points out a distinction between a workplace and a place of work.  The latter is about empowering leaders to play to help them achieve what their hearts call them to do.  Global Rockstar Community emulates what a great place to work looks like.  It comes down to  ‘peak human performance.’ When we achieve peaks in life, we allow others to achieve theirs.

Peak Performance

Performance is a day-to-day thing.  It’s about the small things.  If you perform playfully and allow yourself to shine, people around you will feel the excitement and enthusiasm.  Thereby, you allow the bigger energy, the love energy, the playful side to unleash.

Some of Johann’s tips to unleash peak performance:

    • Allowing energy to manifest; it can happen through social collaboration and spontaneously
    • Feeling appreciative so you can bring your values to life
    • Focusing on positivity
    • Tapping into the bigger life source energy, especially when we are thrown off balance
    • Valuing continuous learning – personal development is a gift
    • Going deeper into understanding self
    • Recognizing our the innate gifts or strengths
    • Tuning into a quantum moment – Wayne Dyer – getting clear about what I am here to do and what energy I want to exchange in the world
    • Reading and learning to engage with others
    • Life does offer us struggles, leading to spiritual growth
    • Feeling the freedom that comes from our self-awareness

Leaders are about growing and serving others

Global Rockstars Community is about modeling what we stand for.  It’s about social collaboration.  As community builders, we value the power of humanity and seek to be enablers of others to express who they are, to be transparent and make themselves vulnerable. We can be transformed daily as we hear peoples’ stories. It’s uplifting.  People care – the reciprocal nature of care.

The world is shifting.  People wish to be heard and we need to create places of work that allow that to happen and, at the same time, have the space to express freely and be spontaneous about it.  This combination will transform workplaces – the way to unleash more creative solutions is to allow people to play. We engage leaders with these kinds of discourses.

What’s unique about the Global Rockstars community is putting two unmatched conversations on a global stage:

  1. Places of work:  to shift perspectives about work today; bringing attention to  play and tribing which are at the core of what a great work place looks like.
  2. Playful reinvention:  new discourse on playful transformation so people can own who they are and express their personal power to play and to tribe

We can be our own Picasso

At the heart of this revolution is the power of stories and arts and culture.  When the heart expresses itself with a joy, and playfulness is the mindset, we unleash our own rockstar quality that is within us.

It’s time to review the process of how we have been developing leaders. The programming we have learned does not prepare us for the leap of faith we need to unleash the social collaborations that will achieve our organizational imperatives and called-for innovations.  That new call is for imagination, hope and connection, and these connections can be in person or virtual.  They enrich who we are.

There is much we can learn from simple observation of creativity through to disciplined, habitual practice.  Learning how the mind works through neuroscience and positive psychology helps us understand  the relationship between all the parts.

When we connect with our true spirit and are firmly in our our energy, we have a lot of power – firmly own your energy – be focussed and committed to that.

We also chatted about risk-taking and being crazy.  Enjoy the episode.

PS Johann is a rockstar in a variety of capacities :)

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