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Finding inspiration by removing blocks that get in the way of your life’s purpose is the message of Jade Inspiration, host  of “Right on Baby – the Inner Growth Show.” In her conversation with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, she shares her personal story of overcoming trauma to finding inspiration and her pathway to her life’s purpose.

Episode Overview

Jade Inspiration is a life coach, certified Law of Attraction practitioner, and popular podcaster with her own show called “Right On, Baby: The Inner Growth Show.” She left her six-figure corporate job to start a new career as a life coach and inspirational speaker. In this episode, Positivity Strategist host Robyn Stratton-Berkessel talks with Jade about her own path to finding inspiration through personal healing to become an inspirational speaker.

Episode Introduction

jade-inspiration-speaker-coach-36Jade describes herself as a spiritual seeker and a serial entrepreneur. Jade has built several small businesses from photography, marketing and product development to growing an online retail business to over a half million in sales. Today, Jade focuses on her passion to help others utilize their own experiences as learning tools to truly harness their inner being as a driving force in their lives.

Jade’s mission is to share her inspiring messages of going from struggles to triumphs –  and how our innate human spirit can rise above our past conditioning and subconscious blocks –  to create the life we desire from the inside out.

Success by Whose Standards?

By her mid 40s, Jade had achieved “success” by society’s standards.  Yet, she herself did not feel successful. She wasn’t doing what she felt she was supposed to do; she wasn’t feeling herself in her “authentic realm” — a place that feels real and creative to her.  She was so unhappy and unfilled that when Friday rolled around, she was already dreading Monday.

Jade with a leap of her own faith, after listening to her heart, decided to quit her six-figure corporate job. Jade’s mother instilled the importance of joy and happiness in her at an early age, and that understanding helped her make the transition into her new career as a life coach, certified Law of Attraction practitioner, and inspirational speaker.

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Learning and Growth from Past Experiences

The structures in society pressure people to live up to standards that may not truly resonate with their true self and authentic sense of being. The strengths, talents, and learnings that helped Jade create a new entrepreneurial life and facilitated her own self growth stem from past experiences. Experiences in life set us up for what we experience now, and we can apply those experiences to determining our life’s purpose. For Jade, working with others has helped her transition into the work she’s doing now.

Indentify Blocks to Growth

Jade learned not to speak out when she was a child. As a result, there were energy blocks within herself, which manifested through her attitudes, emotions, intellect, and physical being into her adult life. Such blocks are generally formed from what was habitually learned in childhood experiences and, unless we do the work, we carry them into adulthood where they live in our subconscious mind.

Jade took action. She sought help and guidance to overcome her past traumatic experiences, so she could take full responsibility for the choices in her life.  She learnt, and now teaches that instead of enacting these subconscious blocks, we do the work and learn to trust our intuition and go with our instincts.

Finding Inspiration

Listen in to hear Jade talk about how her greatest joy now is expanding on her own internal growth and being able to help others. Jade’s message of inspiration is not so much about a fear of failure — although that fear is true for many people. Instead, her message is about what can happen with the innate strength and empowered spirit we have.

Jade’s greatest joys in work now are expanding on her own internal growth and the ability to help others. Embracing who you are and accepting, trusting yourself to live authentically, cannot not shine out into the world. It's about finding inspiration for ourselves.

The Law of Attraction

Listen in as Jade briefly provides an overview of the four steps of the Law of Attraction.

  1. Know what you want
  2. Believe you can have it — or that you have it now
  3. Take the actions needed to get what you want
  4. Receive — and accept with gratitude that you received it

These actions steps will come to you through intuitive nudges. They come from knowing what you want and knowing you can have it, which gives the positive energy impetus to move forward to take action on your heart’s desires. Receiving will be the conclusion to the desiring.

I mentioned that in Appreciative Inquiry, one of the principles is the Anticipatory Principle.  This principle says that images we hold of the future – our imaginative capacity,whether individually or collectively guide our current discourse and behavior.  When you believe it, you see it. Not the other way round.

Positivity Strategies

Listen in to this week’s Positivity Lens Activity to learn of Jade's three strategies to help you build your positivity muscle and find your own inspiration.

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