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Episode Overview

Jay Samit is a globally recognized, serial entrepreneur who has been involved with some of the most successful startups of the last 30 years.

Jay’s book, with the honor of being Amazon Business Book of the Month for July 2015, is Disrupt You!: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation. (MacMillan, 2015)

It’s chock full of stories illustrating how personal transformation underpins successful growth, igniting business innovations and impacting lives in every walk of life.  Jay shares a number of his own successes stories, as well as the findings of his research into how disruption is changing how business is done.

Episode Introduction

Jay Samit on Personal TransformationWhat is really daunting:  Jay keeps company with, and advises the highest net worth people globally. Popes, politicians and pop stars come to him because of his entrepreneurial successes and his approaches to business, society and the world at large.  As a change agent, he says that we live in an era of endless innovation, and is totally excited to share with audiences how they can master personal transformation, seize opportunity and thrive in such an environment.

Jay Samit’s motivation to write his book is to pay it forward — to help people follow a path and patterns that work, and minimize the cost of doing business.  He wants to change how business is done by helping us get over limitations, and by highlighting the role disruption plays propelling us forward.

The Book, Disrupt You!

DisruptYou-120The structure of Jay’s book is designed in thirds.

The first third is directed at the individual.  What do you need to disrupt in your own life and belief system, that may be limiting you from your fullest potential?  The world today offers so much more than at anytime in history.

The second third is about how to look at the business world and taking the perspective of unlocking the value change  to identify areas of greatest potentiality for the business.

The last third is about tackling the “big issues” and changing the world: having an impact for the better. It’s particularly targeted at those who have already achieved a level of success and have taken care of their financial needs. However, anyone at any stage in their career and life will find the entire book valuable.

Promo Video of the Book

Disrupt You Video Trailer on Personal TransformationCheck out the awesomely produced promotional video of the book on Jay Samit’s home page.  If you can solve the rubric, you may win yourself a consultation with Jay (time-bound offer.)

Reframe Limitations and Disrupt Assumptions

On a personal level, Jay shares that his experience with dyslexia helped to foster leadership and provide opportunities for growth.  What was perceived as a weakness, he turned it into a strength.  A UK study shows that ⅓ of entrepreneurs are dyslexic. It’s not uncommon for people who are told that they are not good at something to tend to mask that problem or limitation with something else.

An early experience of Jay's own disruption in a business context was finishing university during a recession, and not being able to find a job.  As a result, Jay made up business cards and a company, and positioned himself as a salesperson for this “mythical company” to see what he could do.  He turned it into a successful business and became a model of what moving beyond the limitations and defaults can lead to.

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No Shame in Failure  – What’s your Purpose?

“Get up and take a risk. The worst thing that can happen is that you’re back where you started.” – Jay Samit

What Jay finds bizarre is that many people don’t like their job. He perceives they are giving up their life day by day, hour by hour, and they don’t get that life back. If you only have one shot in this world, what is your purpose? Your purpose in life is to have a life filled with purpose. If you’re giving up on having a purposeful life, then how else do you expect to experience your life when years go by and you feel considerable unhappiness?

When people in their 80s are asked what they regret most in their life, the answer isn’t the things that they failed at — rather, it’s the things that they didn’t try.

There’s nothing wrong with “failing” at something that you at least attempted. Failure means giving up. Failing means learning what doesn’t work, and then trying again. In fact, some of the most successful businesses today were close to ending until they pivoted. They saw new insights because they blazed a trail where no one else had been, and discovered something of value in that path.

What’s my Legacy?

Jay’s axiom: “Be the best in the world at what you do, or be the only one doing it.” You may think that you’re not the best in the world at anything.  In reality, you’re walking a path in life that no one else is experiencing, so there’s some aspects of what you’re experiencing that you know better than others.

Realize that the issues you are facing may be the same issues others are also facing. By looking at alternatives and other possibilities, you can help shape your legacy — and perhaps many people will thank you for making their lives easier.

Excitements about the Future we can Co-create

Some of Jay’s excitements  for the future include: autonomous vehicles; 3D printing; just-in-time manufacturing; Internet of things. There are so many opportunities to create new businesses and to enhance life.

For example, autonomous vehicles can provide opportunities that could solve some of today’s challenges. Elderly drivers may not have to have their vehicle keys taken away. Blind or severely visually impaired people may be able to have a vehicle of their own and travel in it. Traveling can be more fun with enhanced in-car features.

Another example is the continuing impact of the Internet. The Internet has enabled a narrowing education divide among populations of people. Not only can people attain an education, they can connect with others, create and establish a business, and generate some wealth.

There is no End

Endless innovation can inspire people to create great things. There is so much potential out there — and within yourself.

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