playful inquiry - a talk by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Playful Inquiry – TEDxNavesink Talk and Video

"What is the best thing that happened to you today?" My opening…

Change the Narrative for Culture Change

The CEO of a multimillion dollar company was in the office building elevator one day going down to lunch from his executive suite on level 77. Several floors down three employees stepped into the same elevator all very engaged in a conversation. They paid no attention to him - the CEO - standing in the elevator. As the elevator door closed with its three new occupants, he quickly became aware, their conversation was a series of complaints and grievances about the company of which he was CEO and founder.

TEDxNavesink Talk Inspires Action

Just Show Up Here's a story of inspiration AND action.  The…

Growing into Better Relationships

Many years ago in my first management role, in Sydney Australia,…
Appreciative Inquiry Discovery Interview on Intergenerational Dialogue

Appreciating All Generations – Intergenerational Dialog

What are the stereotypes we attach to the different generations?…

We See the World as We Are

Jenny's Story - Constructionist Principle My friend from childhood,…
let love be our guide

Let Love be our Guide

The time to talk Love, to think Love, to show Love, to give…

Intention + Effort = Results

It seems a no-brainer, or a BFO in my vernacular (Blinding Flash…

Importance of Stories

Telling Stories and Constructing Narratives We are all storytellers…
Polymash Design

Appreciative Inquiry – Unintended Consequence of App Development

It's been 1.5 years now since Juergen Berkessel and I co-founded…