Physiological Differences - Yoga on the mountain

Physiological Differences Provoked by Positive and Negative Emotions

Emotions are embodied. They don’t live in your head. You are an emotional being. You have responses to emotions. They work for you or against you. And they don’t go unnoticed.
Positivity is key

Your Positivity Is Key to Embrace Change

Positivity is key to move toward what you desire and aspire. You cultivate it for yourself through the language you use, the habits or behaviors you exhibit, the interactions and relationships that you have, and how you invest your time.
Positivity Resource Guide

Go Beyond Positive Thinking and Positive Quotes

I've compiled a short list of positivity resources to help you…
3 Steps to Appreciative Living with Jackie Kelm

3 Steps to Appreciative Living With Joy Engineer, Jackie Kelm – PS016

Host, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Positivity Strategist and Jackie Kelm The Joy Engineer of Appreciative living engage in conversation and share stories about their passion for Appreciative Inquiry, the strength-based, positive change methodology. Jackie shares her 3 step Appreciative Living process to bringing greater joy into your life whatever the situation, and move beyond our cultural negativity bias.
Penina Rybak Image

The NICE Reboot – Entrepreneurial Know-How, with Penina Rybak – PS013

Women, entrepreneurs, passion, courage, mentors, positivity are topics covered in this episode with Penina Rybak, speaker and author of “The NICE Reboot.” This digital age is such a gift to women who live true to the feminine values of transparency, collaboration, and care. Access to thought leaders who can be virtual mentors and whose experiences and expertise is readily available on-line opens up unprecedented opportunities. Penina outlines how, despite personal health issues and the tragic loss of her own mentor and best friend, rebooted her life to be the bootstrapped entrepreneur she is today.
Alan Kay Photo of Facilitating Lasting Change

How To Facilitate Lasting Change, with Alan Kay – PS012

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Positivity Strategist Host and Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, and her guest Alan Kay, Solution Focused facilitator, exchange views and stories about these two change methodologies which are similar, yet distinct. Both approaches hold the premise that in any system, human or otherwise, there are many things that work well already, and that’s the best play to start any change initiative. It’s much more energizing and lasting to have the members of an organization identify their own capacities and come up with their own solutions than have an outside consultant do it for them.

Strengths and Superpowers

We all have superpowers - talents and strengths so that when we are working with them, we are closer to performing at our peak more than at any other time.
Johann Gauthier

Finding Your Superpower For Peak Performance, with Johann Gauthier – PS009

A conversation around shifting traditional “workplaces” into “places of work” where, through playful reinvention, leaders connect to their true spirit, and are energized to empower others to have their voice, to be spirited, playful and thrive.
BEing alive

Positivity in your life

If you are looking for some helpful tips on how to bring…
Melissa Schnapp

6 Positivity Habits To Improve Your Life, with Melissa Schnapp – PS008

Positive Life Coach, Melissa Schnapp gives us practical steps to build our positivity muscles. She consciously went out looking for a a way to build positivity in her own life, and more than that, she wanted to learn how to apply and teach it. She’s a graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at University of Pennsylvania.