Human Energy

How To Tap into Human Energy in Relational Spaces – PS73

An exploratory conversation that goes in many directions and leaves us with the question, what is human energy, or relational energy between people. We explore topics, such as empathy, intuition, connection, humanness, curiosity and more.
Appreciative Voice - crowd

Personal Reflections on Appreciative Voice – PS 72

Appreciative Inquiry  Principles offer us a framework to practice our appreciative voice so we can bring more of it to the world. The guiding principles that help us connect with others in ways that serve not only ourselves but others, too.
Appreciative Voice - not a man yelling into red phone

What is an Appreciative Voice in Your World?

An appreciative voice provides safety for others to speak their truths. It is invitational and watchful. An appreciative voice is unhurried and patient. It can reframe situations to be helpful and resourceful. It is flexible. The appreciative voice is inclusive. It acknowledges diversity and identifies opportunities to offer possibilities to hold the space for transformational shifts to emerge.
Improve Presentation Skills - Audience

When is the Best Time to Improve Presentation Skills? – PS67

Guest Dustin Mathews, CEO, author, marketing, brand response innovator offers insights into how we can improve our presentation skills by adopting a marketing mindset to invite people to take action, thereby helping transform themselves and the lives of others.
intimiate Conversation - blk & whte kids talking

How an Intimate Conversation can Strengthen the Collective – PS65

In this dialogue what unfolds is that it's the intimate conversation you have with another that potentially changes you and the other can expand to strengthen humanity's collective capacity to bring about personal and social change and even transformation.

Ways of Rekindling Life’s Enchantment, with Michelle Strutzenberger – PS61

Former generative journalist, turned children's book author talks about writing as a calling and the mystery and whimsy that's possible when one intentionally rekindles life's enchantments.
Wholist design

A World Inquiry: The Impacts of Appreciative Inquiry across the World, with Ada Jo Mann – PS059

A pioneer of Appreciative inquiry (AI) shares her own experience and creates a project to conduct a world inquiry on the lasting impacts of AI around the world: what does AI means to others what lasting impacts have been created?
Ability to dream

Ability to Dream Influences your Destiny

When it comes to bringing positive change into your life, it might start as a wish, or an aspiration, or a dream. We know from history, some of the biggest dreamers have created the most lasting positive social changes. The ability to dream allows for anything to be possible. Imagining a desirable future is what keeps us going,
meaningful conversations

Meaningful Conversations can Transform You and Your World – PS57

At this time when we are experiencing enormous cultural and technological changes, we possesses tremendous potential to enhance our collective social well-being. Through carefully designed experiences, WiseTribe connects people of diverse ages, ethnicities, and professions to share strengths, dreams, possibilities and convert them into action-based learning projects. Appreciative Inquiry has been the framework to start such meaningful conversations.
Shiting Power

Shifting Power – Exciting Possibilities through Appreciative Inquiry With Tim Slack – PS55

In this conversation, we offer that Appreciative Inquiry is undergoing a sea change - a transformation - of its own. Appreciative Inquiry practitioners across the world continue to contribute to the growing number of practical and life-changing resources, expanding upon the traditional body of work that is Appreciative Inquiry and taking it to new contexts across the globe. We share stories and experiences that range from kids in schools, residents in hostels, surgeons and nurses in hospitals, curators in museums, students in universities, LGTBQ communities, clergy and members of churches and, potentially, women returning from combat.