New literacies - 3 on bean bag

What are the New Literacies for living well in the 21st century? -PS76

New literacies for life - a set of skills, tools and principles that will guide us in the 21st century. Some think that these literacies are most appropriate for leaders of organizations, but they will work in any set of circumstances in our complex world.
positive questions - red hearts

Positive Questions will Grow Positivity in your Life – PS 75

Our questions determine the results we get. If we ask a “blah’ question, you are likely to get a “blah” response - for example, “What’s up?” will generate most likely “Not much!” “Nothing.” “What’s been the best part of your day so far?” is likely to have the respondent unscramble their brain to provide an answer to tell you about the best part of their day. Positive questions are more likely to grow positivity in your life.
Appreciative Voice - not a man yelling into red phone

What is an Appreciative Voice in Your World?

An appreciative voice provides safety for others to speak their truths. It is invitational and watchful. An appreciative voice is unhurried and patient. It can reframe situations to be helpful and resourceful. It is flexible. The appreciative voice is inclusive. It acknowledges diversity and identifies opportunities to offer possibilities to hold the space for transformational shifts to emerge.
come up for air - girl with balloons

Come up for AIR and Experience your Energy Soar – PS 71

Seasoned practitioner, coach and mentor, Mo McKenna shares insights, innovations and wisdom. She offers you an experience that is similar to when you've been holding breath for far too long, and then the moment of release happens. It's a beautiful release of tension as when you come up for air.  
Flourishing Enterprises - Jakarta Win

Business Leaders, Professors and Students Expose Flourishing Enterprises – PS68

Picture this: 300 highly conscious people in the room - many reconnecting - so lots of hugging and laughter - and many making connections for the first time with people they knew only by reputation or virtually. It was joyful. We were excited to come together to inquire into the topic of “Discovering Flourishing Enterprise: the Key to Great Performance.”
human flourishing - discover flourishing enterprise logo

Innovative Ways that Inspire Human Flourishing for All

When did you last come away from an experience that had such an impact on you that you were filled with a joy and a hope that transformed you? You witnessed human flourishing and unity with others. You felt inspired by the conversations and connections. You felt alive, energized and a sense of wholeness, oneness and community that sent peace and infinite hope for what else is possible cursing through your body.
Improve Presentation Skills - Audience

When is the Best Time to Improve Presentation Skills? – PS67

Guest Dustin Mathews, CEO, author, marketing, brand response innovator offers insights into how we can improve our presentation skills by adopting a marketing mindset to invite people to take action, thereby helping transform themselves and the lives of others.
Communications Skills Training

Communication Skills Training for High Performance

In a nutshell, this collaborative way of training enables employees to find resources within themselves to bring to the situation. Furthermore, when they feel supported by others, including coworkers and bosses, it leads to creating a nurturing and inviting environment where they feel safe at work resulting in greater quantity and quality of service. Teamwork is enhanced, communication is improved, as people truly listen to one another and respect each other. They experience moments of care from others.
Marketing Consulting Services - Peacock

Why Relationships are Key in Marketing Consulting Services – PS62

Masters Organization Development student, Amanda Lankart interviews Positivity Strategist, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel on the topic of marketing consulting services. It's a personal story of what has worked and what hasn't worked.
Wholist design

A World Inquiry: The Impacts of Appreciative Inquiry across the World, with Ada Jo Mann – PS059

A pioneer of Appreciative inquiry (AI) shares her own experience and creates a project to conduct a world inquiry on the lasting impacts of AI around the world: what does AI means to others what lasting impacts have been created?