Appreciative Voice - not a man yelling into red phone

What is an Appreciative Voice in Your World?

An appreciative voice provides safety for others to speak their truths. It is invitational and watchful. An appreciative voice is unhurried and patient. It can reframe situations to be helpful and resourceful. It is flexible. The appreciative voice is inclusive. It acknowledges diversity and identifies opportunities to offer possibilities to hold the space for transformational shifts to emerge.
say yes to everything - open door

Say Yes to Everything Results in Fun and Meaning – PS70

What happens when you walk into the wrong room and find that this “wrong room” becomes, in fact, the best room you could possibly have entered because what you learn there and who you meet change the trajectory of your life. Say yes to everything!
inner truth - kids playing

Being Courageous to Listen to Your Inner Truth – PS 69

A deep conversation that explores the relationship between finding inner truth and living authentically.  We explore such topics as: How do you find you inner truth and what do you do with it?  What does it matter?  How does it show up in your life?  Can you create the perfect life?
optimist open doors, green grass

Being an Optimist is a Practical Pursuit – PS66

My guest is David the Optimist, David Mitran, from Craiova in Romania. We talk about David’s goal of writing a book which will be a practical guide to optimism and how he plans to do the research, fund it and release to the world. How David became a guest on my show is a fun story and we take it from there. What resonated for me was connection to others, open questions and story-telling!
brain based strategies - kayaking

How to Whip up Wellbeing with Five Brain-based Strategies – PS 063

Dr Judy Krings talks to us about coaching through the lens of neuroscience and how to make it easy. Her focus is on practical doable actions that are grounded in neuroscience. Knowing how our brains process data coming in and data existing already in our minds, hearts and bodies can really help coaches and their clients, and not only coaches, but all of us. Knowledge is power, as they say. And having some knowledge about how our brain works, can only help us be more powerful!
Practice Happiness - dove in water

How to Learn and Practice Happiness, with Mark Jaffe – PS60

Mark Jaffe, author of "Suitcase of Happyness" offers a roadmap to achieve and enjoy your happiest life. He outlines how to learn and practice happiness, to create a life that cultivates happy moments so they compound over time thereby resulting in your leaving a legacy for others.
Being resilient - wave crashing on sand

Eleven Helpful Posts on Being Resilient

When faced with challenges, whether through personal loss, tragedy, illness or environmental factors, most of us of healthy mind find ways to recover and move on. We can find inspiration in the stories of others overcoming adversity to find joy, satisfaction and meaning in life despite incredible odds. In acknowledging your own experiences, you find strengths that will help you recognise what capacities and resources you have that will support you to build resiliency for any potential set-backs.
Ability to dream

Ability to Dream Influences your Destiny

When it comes to bringing positive change into your life, it might start as a wish, or an aspiration, or a dream. We know from history, some of the biggest dreamers have created the most lasting positive social changes. The ability to dream allows for anything to be possible. Imagining a desirable future is what keeps us going,
Physiological Differences - Yoga on the mountain

Physiological Differences Provoked by Positive and Negative Emotions

Emotions are embodied. They don’t live in your head. You are an emotional being. You have responses to emotions. They work for you or against you. And they don’t go unnoticed.
Collegial Collaboration

How Playful Collegial Collaboration Works from Kids to Executives, With Marge Schiller- PS53

Seasoned Appreciative Inquiry, Dr. Marge Schiller is at her best sharing stories. You’ll hear many great ones from how she first found AI to her latest dreams of changing education - a process of lifelong learning. Appreciative leadership comes at any age and collegial collaboration across generations is key.