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Episode Introduction

In this show, we talk about how to improve presentation skills, and, as my guest, Dustin Mathews is a truly excellent marketer, I take the opportunity to focus specifically on his gifts and talents as a marketer, business builder, coach and mentor in building a business that trains others in the art of presentation skills from nuts to bolts, even if those attending his events are already experienced public speakers.  

Episode Background

By way of background, Dustin Mathews is the co-founder of Speaking Empire – a global business that empowers leaders to communicate powerfully, unlock their fullest potential and ultimately step into their greatness in service of others. From personal experience, Speaking Empire does that in a Dustin Mathews - Improve Presentation Skillsnumber of ways, and the corner stone is the art of being able to design and deliver a powerful presentation to any given audience –  for profitable results.

I might say there are many kinds of presentations.  They come in different formats, styles, have different purposes, tones and are delivered on a variety of platforms.  If you are a consultant, trainer, speaker, author, facilitator, or coach and you’re designing and delivering presentations for stage, for classrooms, for clients, for money, for charity, because you love it or because that’s your job, Dustin Mathews has a lot to offer all of us on the topic of improving presentation skills.  His latest book,  co-authored with Dan Kennedy is .called No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations is now available.  Check out the link below!

Presentation Skills – How you Show Up

Dustin goes beyond the view that there are many kinds of presentations.  His perspective: everything in life is a presentation.  He goes so far as to say, it’s how you show up in life – whatever, wherever the  opportunity: in a boardroom, on the web, networking, hanging out with others says something about you and how you show up in life.

Start with the End in Mind

A great tip to improve presentation skills is to ask what's the outcome that I want to happen?  Dustin knew nothing about psychology or motivation when he started. He was into science and mathematics. However, once he started to see people taking action based on a message that resonated and invited them to take action, he became hooked on learning more about marketing and learning to do more of what worked.

Every Presentation is an Invitation Take Action

Inviting your audience to take action is a great frame to hold up to the message you are passionate about and have worked hard to bring to life.  You want to be of service and create transformation in your world, and Dustin is clear if you see lights go off in people’s head and let it pass, you are doing a disservice to you and your audience.  

What does “taking action” look like in your world ?  Might it be having your tribe volunteer some time, donate to charity, sign up to your list, buy your service,  ask for a meeting , join facebook community, subscribe to your blog, join your mastermind group?  What else?

To Improve Presentation Skills Invites a Marketing Mindset

Thinking about Improve Presentation SkillsListen into Dustin as he offers great suggestions that come from his marketing background. A presentation starts way in advance of actually delivering the presentation – what ever way you chose to deliver it – on stage, in a boardroom, on a webinar, on a conference call, in an introductory meeting.    

He suggests that you plan well in advance about what can be done prior to delivery in order to connect to your audience;  what you do during the presentation and then what you do afterwards.  Each of these steps helps in developing a stronger relationship with the audience and they become more familiar with you.  Two questions to ask yourself can help in that preparation:

  1. How can I influence?

  2. How can I have multiple touch points?

Improve Presentation Skills to Have Impact on the World

Here's another question to ask yourself:  What specialized knowledge do I have to share with the world?  If my message can help even one person and make a difference in their life, that’s the spark that makes it all worthwhile.  That’s the transformation that inspires me to do more  – to have impact on the world so I can go out and help others

Strengths and Talents

Inviting Dustin to talk about his strengths and talents brought out stories which is always the best way to get to know people more intimately and connect more deeply.   Dustin reveals there was a pattern that when he was challenged to step outside his comfort zone, it was his opportunity for greatest learning, propelling him to the next level.  This might not be an uncommon finding, yet in those uncomfortable experiences, he continues to learn more about himself.  He’s learnt that he’s driven by curiosity – he’s tenacious and when he came to discover his love of marketing, he became aware that he had moved beyond curiosity to fascination.  He was fascinated by all the different worlds and the different words people connect with.  Marketing became his passion and he’s been able to elevate that passion to include it into presentation skills trainings.

The Irresistible Offer Architecture™

Temptation to eat cake - Improve Presentation SkillsThe Irresistible Offer Architecture™ is one of Dustin’s great innovations.  Listen in to Dustin as he explains how his Irresistible Offer Architecture™ helps  shape powerful presentations that result in audiences taking action.  It’s a template which helps speakers create an offer in such a way that delivers greater value to their audiences.  In a nutshell, you don’t just limit your offer to one thing.  He teaches you to gift your audience other related tools and technologies.  These gifts could be in the form of a book, a white paper,  a checklist in your area of expertise.  Even if they never do business with you, you have given them something, 

Positive Mindset

As Dustin explains, behind the Irresistible offer is the belief that if you put more out there, you’re going to be taken care of in the long term.

In closing comments, Dustin reminds us to get into the habit of taking one small action every day as a way to grow capacity and skills and whatever else you might want to bring into your life.  With repetition, the habit gathers a momentum which grows and grows to the point where it becomes easy and life is enriched.  This is what we say in the world of Appreciative Inquiry : What you focus on, grows, so grow toward your best!

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