Be an Agent for Positive Change, With Robyn Stratton-Berkessel – PS044

Positive Change, Episode Introduction

Many of us come to an awareness – some sooner and some later – that we want to have a positive impact in all that we do.  I share the “why”, the “what” and the “how” of bringing it together to make it happen.  My purpose – my “why” –  is to help you become an agent for positive change, so you can have the positive impact in the world you know you're capable of.  When you find you own “why” – your own calling and path – you're hugely invigorated and energized to go out to do your best work.  You're able to focus your sense of purpose and your contributions both of which add deeper meaning to all you do.  

This is really valuable content that I’m extremely excited to share. This is a short episode of 20 minutes.

Discovering your Voice – your Story

Positive ChangeBeing an agent for positive change comes from putting your passion out there authentically. Gaining clarity around your own story – how the threads of your personal history – all of it – the highs, the lows and the in-betweens – inform who you are and your “why”.  You learn from your successes and you learn from your failures.  Through a well-designed process, you learn to identify when you feel most energized, and when you are most depleted.  With that sense of your personal wholeness – your entire being – you find your integrity, your voice, and that's a prerequisite to being an agent for positive change.

Positive Contagion

The more you do this kind of work, the more you experience positive changes in yourself. This then is amplified, meaning you also co-create positive change with others, and it begins to spread.

People begin to feel energized, uplifted, empowered, when they focus on what they love to do, when they feel at their best, when they start to see positive results from their efforts.  At work when their ideas are heard and make a difference, they experience a whole different energy from when they’re just going through the motions without a sense of purpose or contribution, or they don’t feel valued or appreciated.   Most people want to do good, and feel valued, and appreciated and the way we do that is in relationship with others.  We can't do this work alone.

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I am offering you, Positivity Strategist listeners a very special, exclusive offer that will absolutely help you be that agent for positive change. It speaks to your “why” –  your sense of purpose. I am offering you strategies and tools that will move you along with great energy and you’ll begin to see and feel results straight away.

Positive Change Training - Video CoursesAn uplifting framework to strengthen leadership: the latest in brain science, positive emotions, and appreciative inquiry

  • Increase your positive emotions ratio over time
  • Put your character strengths to work and feel the energy
  • Apply a proven, positive change methodology whenever faced with new change

The Positive Change System comprises 5 stand-alone courses and a free bonus module.  Together they are a complete strengths-based approach to positive change.  There are worksheets to guide you and a range of reference materials to read and download.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Simon Sinek's TEDx Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action which is the inspiration to present my topic in terms of the “why”, the “what', and the “how.”

Robyn's book, Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions, 21 Strength-based Workhops.                                                            

Robyn's iPad app, Embracing Change