Appreciative Inquiry Foundations Seminar, New York City – Appreciative Leadership

Appreciative inquiry embodies, “be the change!” – Appreciative Leadership

Appreciative Inquiry is a change method with the perspective that every organization has something that works right – things that give it life when it is most alive, effective, successful and connected in healthy ways to its stakeholders and communities.

It's how we ask those very first questions that begin the change process.
Why not ask what's right, rather than what's wrong?

For example:

What is a high point experience in your organization – a time when you were most alive and engaged?

“Appreciative Inquiry”  inquires into what is positive and what works, thereby starting a virtuous network  which amplifies, expands and heightens energy and vision for change.

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Experience the full Appreciative Inquiry process, learn the principles and practice the skills and be apple to apply it in your context.


  • Leading Positive Change
  • Igniting Leadership at All Levels
  • Life-centric Coaching
  • Valuing Diversity of All Kinds
  • Collaborative Break-throughs
  • Creating Cultures of Engagement
  • Trusting Rapid Protyping