An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

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Inquiry:  Are you looking for better ways to make sense of your world?  Are you tired of negativity, cynicism, feeling despondent?  Are you seeking to connect more easily with others?  

The world view of Appreciative Inquiry helps.  How?  

Opportunities:  Appreciative Inquiry flips the traditional deficit view of the world by looking for the best in people, organizations and the world. This Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry provides a clear and simple overview of how you can shift your thinking and behaviors immediately.  

Enjoy your discovery by downloading and reading now. 

  • A Positive Revolution in Change: This simple, short easy to read e-book provides sound bites of the change methodology, Appreciative Inquiry which has been called a positive revolution in change.
  • Celebrating Your Strengths: Already, you see value in celebrating your strengths, your relationships and the best in your world; and, you seek to bring even more possibilities and positivity into your life.
  • Leading With Your Heart: Also, you have a sense that leading with your heart, seeing possibilities and including many perspectives is your true path.

This free ebook introduces you to the:


Appreciative inquiry is a world view and a practice.  The methodology is underpinned by extensive research and is applicable in all areas of life. 


The guiding principles are referenced in the ebook as practical ways to navigate through life, from the language we use to the relationships we nurture. 


The 5 D process: Define the inquiry; Discover what works well already; Dream what else is possible; Design how to make it happen; Destiny go out to live it! 


Appreciative Inquiry is both a way of "doing" and "being" at home, at work and in community. The more you practice, the stronger you get as with any discipline.  

Take action right now, for free! Appreciative Inquiry transforms lives impacting relationships at home, at work and in community.  The world is ready!

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