Appreciating the Past

Appreciating the Past – Gratitude

“For what has been, thanks;  for what will be, yes.”

A powerful quote to help us accept the past.

A powerful quote to help us be with the present.

A powerful quote to help move to the future.

Can we change the past?  Well, we can’t change the events, however, we can change how we view the past.

We can look back and accept the past has passed and it’s over except for the memories. Yet, we often replay some of those memories over and over.

  • Often times, it’s the painful memories that we play over and over and they can wear us down.  Memories of things we are ashamed of, embarrassed by, confused by, saddened by, humbled by.
  • Often times, there are joyful memories that lift us up. They are things we have accomplished and achievements we are proud of; things that make us smile, energize us and expand us.

Appreciating The Past

Whether we chose to focus on the painful or the joyful memories, (are you aware of your default?), we can give thanks to ALL that happened.  It may take time. Everything that happens is information for us to be aware of.  All that happens is part of who we are and shapes us.  It influences our current and future being.

When we say thanks to the past, we can say yes to the future.  Gratitude.

What's your predisposition to viewing the past?

Quote is from Dag Hammarskjöld,winner of Nobel Peace Prize in 1961.

Image : thanks to Paul Downey