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Acts of Kindness are Micro Moments of Connection – PS82


This show,  Acts of Kindness are Micro Moments of Connection  is the third in a series of five short episodes that I’ve pulled together to help grow greater positivity in the world.  The topics covered in these short episodes are well known to you and I think you’d agree we all benefit from these little reminders from time to time.

As you read and listen, I wonder what  provokes you to feel alive and engaged and connected with your world.  It's all so individual and yet, there are universalities that are embedded in positive emotions.  We just experience them differently, dependent on who we are and the situation in which we find ourselves   My mission and the intention of this podcast is to spread what works.  I strive to inspire you to try out practices that my experiences suggest can support you as and when you need them.

Micro Moments of Connection

micro moments of connection - Robyn with red tulipsI share a personal story of micro moments of connection that came out of an act of kindness that left me pondering who in fact performed the actual kind deed.

It turns out, in my view, we both did. One act of kindness begat another act of kindness.  In our very brief encounter, we co-created meaning that to this day warms my heart every time I think about it, tell the story or see red tulips!

It's a story that boosts my positivity every time.

The story is about 2 cents, and a bunch of tulips, and two strangers feeling connected on a special day.

Why is Kindness a Positivity Booster?

When you show kindness to others, it’s almost guaranteed that you will feel good, and that boosts your positivity, as my story illustrates.

In our closest relationships, we sometimes forget to show kindnesses – it’s that “familiarity breeds contempt” syndrome.  


In that “familiarity breeds contempt” category, I’d include you, yourself.  

It is so important to cultivate self-kindness.  I’m guilty of being very tough on myself.  I am getting better at not being that way, because I’ve learned that when I am down on myself, I am of absolutely no value or service to others either.  I’m stuck in a funk and  just wallowing in the ruminations of negativity and self-pity or self-criticism   

Self-kindness, self-compassion, self-love is a prerequisite to being kind, compassionate and loving to others.

Count Your Kindnesses

How might you boost your kindnesses?

You’ve heard of “count your blessings?” How about “count your kindnesses?”  

When you show kindness through a genuine smile, through an authentic compliment, through a caring gesture, your positive emotions expand.  You feel yourself more connected to another. You connect with others with your kindnesses.  If you can build those micro-moments of connection every day, your positivity will strengthen.   

Five Practices to Generate those Micro Moments of Connection

Start with those closest to you.  List the positive qualities of people you deal with on a regular basis, and compliment them.  Let them know what you appreciate about them.

  • Notice the words and actions of others; and when you notice something they did that was kind, caring, or considerate let them know that.  
  • You might show some interest in a colleague’s situation and just by your interest and listening, you are showing a kindness.  
  • You might offer to take on some chores or tasks to help out a family member, friend or colleague who’s a bit stressed out.  
  • And don’t forget yourself, self-compassion is a key factor in kindness.

Through the coming weeks pay attention to all the kindnesses you give, notice what happens. And also pay attention to the kindnesses your receive and notice what happens.

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