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Inviting Inquiry Questions: A Core Choice for Appreciative Voice – PS97

Inviting Inquiry is central to all the Literacies,  and is central to Appreciative Voice. The principles of Appreciative Inquiry inform us that we move in the direction of our inquiries; questions we ask of ourselves and others. Inquiry stimulates curiosity. Inquiry starts movements. Inquiry questions keep us open to possibilities and enable us to engage in further dialogue. How curious are you about others and the world? What information and stories might you seek?
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Meet the Literacies for Living and Leading in our Times – PS96

We set the scene in this episode for what’s to come. We talk about the origins of Appreciative Voice and how the seven literacies evolved. The intention of these literacies is to enable us to bring all voices into conversations. There are many choices to be made. They include inviting all perspectives, focusing on the collective and the relational world we are responsible for co-creating. They include our need for belonging and connection, and you will make your own connections with the content.