strengthening gratitude - woman looking at roses

Strengthening Gratitude Brings an Abundance of Benefits – PS 81

Showing gratefulness is right up there when it comes to boosting your positivity, because when you experience gratefulness from the heart, it comes out of genuine appreciation.  You feel you have been given a gift or recognition of some kind.  And you respond with gratefulness. A great start is to just reflect on the small stuff.  What are you grateful for?  Stop to smell the roses, as they say.

A Genuine Smile Will Help Strengthen Positivity In Your Life – PS80

I’m offering you ways to strengthen positivity. You’ll learn to be more positive even if your life is in chaos. You’ll be able to apply these simple practices whenever you feel the need to lift your spirits and your energy.
mindfulness coach

Mindfulness Coach Explains It’s Not Just About Following Your Breath – PS79

You'll take some golden nuggets away from this episode, especially if you feel you're too busy, overwhelmed, stressed, or simply a little depleted, because my guest today, mindfulness coach, Meg Salter knows all too well about facing the complexities of our ever changing world,   You will hear stories and practices that may just help you make some positive changes in your life.
yoga of true wealth - at sunset

The Yoga of True Wealth is No Big Kept Secret – PS 78

Successful wealth management leader bears his soul to share how he overcame personal tragedy to find the yoga of true wealth - a spiritual journey that crosses faiths and taps into ancient wisdom traditions. An inspiring story, that is intensely personal, yet belongs to us all.
Generative questions - Kids talking

How Generative Questions Can Transform Young Lives – PS77

Conversations worth having are filled with many generative questions that engage people's curiosity and interests.  Generative questions build on experiences and open up possibilities for further inquiry. Dr Jackie Stavos, creator of SOAR shares her story.
New literacies - 3 on bean bag

What are the New Literacies for living well in the 21st century? -PS76

New literacies for life - a set of skills, tools and principles that will guide us in the 21st century. Some think that these literacies are most appropriate for leaders of organizations, but they will work in any set of circumstances in our complex world.
positive questions - red hearts

Positive Questions will Grow Positivity in your Life – PS 75

Our questions determine the results we get. If we ask a “blah’ question, you are likely to get a “blah” response - for example, “What’s up?” will generate most likely “Not much!” “Nothing.” “What’s been the best part of your day so far?” is likely to have the respondent unscramble their brain to provide an answer to tell you about the best part of their day. Positive questions are more likely to grow positivity in your life.
Our space for Hurricane Irma

What Hurricane Irma Did for Me – PS74

From the moment we lined up to register at the local high school shelter, there was a visual smorgasbord of diversity. Young and old, black, white and in-between, two legs, one leg, and four legs - dogs, cats, chickens, parrots, hamsters. Once you registered, you were required to stay the duration - there was no reserving a place just in case. Lights were out at 10 and when lockdown happened there was no leaving the block you lived in.
Human Energy

How To Tap into Human Energy in Relational Spaces – PS73

An exploratory conversation that goes in many directions and leaves us with the question, what is human energy, or relational energy between people. We explore topics, such as empathy, intuition, connection, humanness, curiosity and more.
Appreciative Voice - crowd

Personal Reflections on Appreciative Voice – PS 72

Appreciative Inquiry  Principles offer us a framework to practice our appreciative voice so we can bring more of it to the world. The guiding principles that help us connect with others in ways that serve not only ourselves but others, too.