Every Moment

Four Keys to Live Every Moment More Richly, With Achim Nowak – PS049

Achim Nowak reminds us that every moment counts. Such awareness awakens us to the reality that moments happen, moments slip away; yet, in the moment, we know there is something special to be experienced. He invites us to experience the moment more richly and more fully. Imagine if we didn’t just let moments slip away! What if we were to recognize and embrace the life-force of the moment?
Human Problems

Human Problems Are Not Fixable

Human beings are not bikes, computers, or windows that can be fixed. Each single one of us is incredibility complex with all kinds of influences and ideas and different biological makeup and emotions. We have unique character traits, attitudes, beliefs and traditions, so the 'fix the problem approach' doesn’t work. Human beings are not problems to be fixed.
Wellbeing strategies

Wellbeing Strategies in Community Development, With Nick Hernandez- PS048

I became aware of Nick through the Positive Psychology Group on Facebook. This Facebook Group is nudging 100,000 members. Nick stood out to me as he posts so many great links all on topics related to positive psychology. I am inspired by him. So I reached out and found out more about Nicks’s talents and the difference he is making in his communities - local and global.
Value of collaboration

50 Women Experience The Value of Collaboration, New Jersey

We influence everyday just by the way we speak and act. As we pay attention to the value of collaboration, we do inspire ourselves and others, just as 50 women experienced wholeheartedly during this recent summit.