Appreciative Inquiry - An Introduction Appreciative Inquiry…

4-D Cycle

heliotropic effect - sunflowers

Sunflowers and Appreciative Inquiry – Heliotropic Effect

Just as sunflowers turn to the sun for light and energy, so too, do we humans grow and light up with great energy in a field of abundant, sunny appreciation and positivity. We literally light up when basked with appreciation.

Hints about Appreciative Inquiry

To get started, here are some hints about Appreciative Inquiry…

The Very First Question – Principle of Simultaneity

The very first question sets the direction of a conversation I…

Image Inspires Action – Anticipatory Principle

Image inspires action A few years ago I was told I had maybe…

What You Focus on Grows – Appreciative Inquiry

Through our Appreciative Inquiry lens, we consciously seek out that which we want more of, not less—hence what we focus on are the solutions and outcomes we wish to create.

Meaning Making Together – Constructionist Principle

The Constructionist Principle emphasizes meaning making in our relationships, and places human communication and conversation at the center of human organizing and change.

Positive Principle Leads to Greater Well-being

The Positive Principle speaks to the need for large amounts of positive focus through deliberate choice of language and affirmative questions to discover the most uplifting stories that inspire possibility thinking and thriving futures.