The 11 Best Things About Podcasting, and why I’m Celebrating National Podcast Day on Sep 30


My Personal Top 11 List – About Podcasting

In this post, I want to share my own personal “Top 11” list about podcasting; a list of things that have excited me in launching my own show.  (I'm so over “Top 10” lists, plus I'm a This is Spinal Tap fan:)

In part, our adventure came about because my partner Juergen Berkessel of Polymash, and I got switched on to podcasting. We have the vision that, with my mission, content, platform and skill set, we can create a podcast show that will resonate with a positivity audience globally, providing value through guest interviews and conversations, while at the same time complementing and evolving my own talks, workshops, books, apps and the rest.

Best things about podcasting - the studiI am a relative newbie to podcasts and to podcasting, and my great blessing is that Juergen not only has vision, he also has a background in audio and video production,  as well as deep understanding of digital strategy and marketing.  Plus, with the help of the very generous podcasting community, we have been able to quickly build on established best practices (see our appreciative links to those we are learning from at the bottom of this post). We hope to do justice with what we hope is a high quality show.

So here we are, the Positivity Strategist Podcast is just launched, helping our audience connect with the mission of positivity globally.  Our partnership is working great.  I focus on content and guests, and Juergen the podcast production.  I have a calendar of extremely exciting guests lined up, and we are producing a show a week.  I am already having such fun creating the opportunities to reach out to people I wouldn't ordinarily have conversations with and being able to help them spread their talents and dreams through our conversations and the accompanying show notes. Over time my ability as a podcaster will grow, and I have big dreams that this medium will help facilitate.

Here are my 11 Best Things About Podcasting

Not necessarily in order of  importance:)

#1 – Strengthening Relationships

If you have content that you want to share with the world and you also know people whose message is aligned with yours and who can embellish your message through their stories and experiences, this is a fabulous way to do it. A podcast interview or conversation can only help to amplify your message and you both benefit.  The relationship is strengthened through conversation that opens up new connections and possibilities.  It allows for creative potential.

#2 – Attracting New and Other Audiences

Reaching a global audience and turning them on to your message is very cool.  There are avid podcast listeners out there looking for new people and subject matter to help them grow, entertain them, inform them and teach them.  Audiences pick and chose their content when they want. It's a medium that suits our mobile life style and curious minds.  In my case, people who ordinarily may not think about “Positivity” may be curious enough to have a listen and find the message resonates.

#3 – Bringing Fresh Perspectives

What I am most excited about as a podcaster is the conversational partners I connect with to learn from them and bring fresh and different perspectives on my topic to my audience.  I invite experienced people and experts, as well as everyday people who have benefited from seeing the world through an appreciative, strength-based, positive lens and can share their stories.  We bring new stories, and meanings and try to make sense of our world in new relationships.

#4 – Expanding Community

A key motivator in investing the time and resources into podcasting is to expand my community.  The mechanics of inviting guests who have audiences of their own helps grow the community of listeners for them and for me.  The audio and show notes are shared on social streams through my community and theirs. Together, we connect our audiences and grow community.  That's awesome!  The mutual benefits and reciprocity are a huge benefit of podcasting.

#5 – Growing a Mission

When we find a sense of purpose or a mission that ignites us, we want to share it.  Since it works for us, we want others to become aware and have opportunities to learn or try it for themselves. It's an exercise in leadership. It's like a calling and we hope to harness the energy and commitment of others who will share the same mission and want to contribute their own leadership or followership.  At minimum, they can join the tribe.

$6 – Focusing on Specific Topics and Going Deep

Each conversation is unique because every guest offers their own perspective.  There is the opportunity to focus on a particular topic and go deep.  For example, I like to ask my guests, “What is positivity to you?” It brings up valuable insights and the audience benefits and accepts or rejects the different perspectives.  They learn new ways of interacting in their own relationships and can try out some of the suggestions for themselves.

#7 – A Perfect Modality for A Mobile World

This may seem obvious, but listening into podcasts on our mobile devices as we commute, workout, do chores around the house, do mindless activities is really a perfect way to grow/learn/relax or whatever turns us on.  I used to think the quietness of my own thoughts was far more preferable to listening to a podcast.  I've changed.  Of course, both are valid.  I have, however, learned so much through listening to podcasts as I workout and do mindless activities.  I've come to realize, that I wasn't always coming up with the extraordinarily significant ideas in those quiet moments.

#8 – Developing Myself

I'm stretching myself in a number of ways which is all good: reaching out to people to invite them to be on my show.  My preference for introversion means it's work for me to come out of myself and engage, as much as I love the people and the conversations.  As a coach, I'm good at asking questions, but with podcasting, I need also to offer my own perspectives on issues to keep the conversation flowing.  I am working on my voice quality. I am learning so much from my guests who share resources which I then add to the show notes.  Having a set process for the entire workflow is a great discipline. Otherwise the whole podcast thing can take over.

# 9 – Developing an Eye and Ear for Quality and Detail

My partner,  Juergen Berkessel with his experience in design, electronics, music and video production, and his incredible vision and aesthetic sensibility has acquired really good equipment for our little recording studio and ensures the guests are as well informed and prepared as I am before we record.  Pre-recording, he tests audio levels, lighting for video and makes sure environment is right.  Post recording he does an awesome job of editing excessive “ums” and “aahs”, “you-knows”, “so”, “likes” and lip-smaking, as well as other quirky sounds or distractions.  He makes easy for me to focus on content and my guests.

#10 – Leveraging Our Experience with Mobile App Market Places

Having 4 years experience as app developers,  preparing products for app market places is not new to us.  While this experience may not constitute as a “best thing,” it's definitely a great advantage to understand what's required to prepare your products to go to market in the digital world.  You do have to deal with the complexities and annoyances, as all things have their own cycles.  This experience and knowledge has been a benefit in going to market quickly with our podcast.

#11 – Beginning an Exciting Adventure

I'm grateful to International Podcast Day as it's given me the opportunity to reflect on my experience in the podcasting world in this very short time frame.  I am excited about the possibilities of growing my presence in this marketplace.   I'm excited to meet new people in this space:  newbies like me and seasoned pros.  I'm excited about the synergies and the mutual benefits that will come as I learn that this is a very supportive community of podcasters.  Wow!

Great Resources for New Podcasters:

We are grateful to the supportive and generous podcasting community that have allowed us to ramp up our own podcasting adventure so quickly. Here is a partial list of awesome shows to help people start their own podcasting adventure.

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